Where death and life after Happens!!!

May 6th 1936: This week in 1936, a German airship named the Hindenburg was near the mooring mast of Lakehurst, New Jersey when it burst into flames at appr. 7:20 p.m. following a trans-Atlantic voyage. There were 97 passengers and crew on board the Hindenburg and 36 were killed. As one commentator was quoted as saying, “Oh, the humanity!” as he witnessed this devastating event. The accident effectively ended traffic by commercial airship.

As we have seen in so many tragic events such as the destruction of the Hindenburg, and with the devastating end of so many lives, paranormal activity often follows as is the case with the site of the Hindenburg.

It is reported that the majority of the paranormal activity takes place in the Main hangar where it is reported to have seen apparitions, unexplained humming and noises, lights turning on and off by themselves, and doors closing for no apparent reason.

There are also reports of activity in the medical facilities and in the abandoned office area of Hangar One. There have been EVP’s captured by paranormal investigators as well as audibly hearing a man voice making a grunting noise in this area.

Today, the Lakehurst station is still in operation and the employees who work there have been reported as saying that they often hear footsteps, doors rattling, and loud unexplained crashes. It is stated by The McDowell News, “that one staff member was working alone in the building, when he heard a loud crash in the clinic area. When he went to check it out he saw where a large pamphlet rack had fallen and pamphlets were all scattered around the floor. The staff member said out loud to no one in particular, “I didn’t make this mess, I’m not cleaning it up. You are.” The man then went home. The next morning upon returning, the rack and the pamphlets were back in their proper place, no one knew how they got back that way, according to a website.”

There has also been talk of people seeing a naval officer walking around Hangar No 1. Some have also said that they have seen an airman wearing vintage gear from the 1930’s walking around there too. Voices of men have been heard shouting “Away the lines, Away the lines” and “She’s afire” coming from near the hangar. This is in the area where the Hindenburg crashed.

They do offer tours at the site and many paranormal teams including T.A.P.S have investigated the Hindenburg.

This is an event that touched and affected many lives and the Hindenburg and the lives lost will never be forgotten. Rest in peace.

by Mindy Hardy

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