Where the Railroad meets the Paranormal

Mindy’s Accounts of Paranormal Happenings:


There are many historical accounts of the “Railroad” and this is another one of these events in history that take us back in time to when the “Railroad” was the number one way of travel before roadways and air travel was born.

Promontory Point, Utah was the location on this week in 1869 where the Central Pacific Railroad and the Union pacific Railroad were joined which formed the Transcontinental Railroad linking eastern and western U.S. for the first time. Promontory Point is located northwest of Ogden, UT and directly west of Brigham City, UT.


The majority of the workers who built the “Transcontinental Railroad” were Chinese immigrants. Not far from Promontory Point was the base camp for these workers, it was near Kelton, UT in the “Dove Creek Basin”. This was the site where thousands of the Chinese immigrants died making this area their final resting place.


In recent years there have been multiple reports of paranormal activity in the area of “Dove Creek” and the camp of this final resting place. There have been reports of disembodied voices carried through the wind, the tales have been that the voices sound as if they are speaking distinctly in Chinese tongue. There have been reports that some people have actually seen apparitions of these Chinese workers laboring in the camp that they once made their home years ago. Some campers have reported encountering strange lights that appear to be sparking from the ground.


There was a report from a group of campers who were awakened from sleep to the sound of a steam locomotive chugging through the darkness with a faint lantern light seen moving in the distance.

As Troy Taylor, a popular paranormal writer, writes about Steve Ellis, a former park ranger who claimed to see the apparition of an old steam locomotive that headed toward him on the tracks. “He could see nothing but the small light of what appeared to be a lantern in the darkness. Frightened, he returned to his tent and retrieved his old rifle, trying to convince himself that nothing was going to hurt him…… then he saw what appeared to be dozens of tiny lights like sparks flying up from the steel rails. The lights fluttered around him for a short time and then vanished.” When Ellis told others what he had witnessed, he found that he was not the only one who had experienced strange happenings at the old Chinese camp. Many people over the years said they also had heard strange noises including the ghost locomotive which is said to still travel on the long vanished rails.”

What is wonderful about Promontory Point, “Golden Spike” and the surrounding area is that it is right in our backyard here in Utah. I encourage anyone who loves history and of course paranormal history to visit these sites the next time you head up north for a Sunday drive.

by Mindy Hardy

If you visit the Dove Creek Basin, you may want to keep a keen eye or ear open for the phantom railway workers, still toiling in their harsh labors for all eternity.
e late 1800s from 1863 and 1869 to be exact, laborers toiled so that the Eastern and Western United States was joined via railway for the first time.  This culminated at Promontory Point, Utah just north west of Salt Lake City

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