Haunted Bahama

Bahama’s…fact or fiction




On July 10th, the Bahama’s  gained their independence after 250 years as a British Crown Colony.




The Bahama’s is a favorite location for vacationing for those who love the clear, aqua, beautiful water and the white sand beaches. Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Deep Sea fishing and many other water sports are very popular in the Bahama’s. There is also a mysterious side to the islands as there is everywhere you go. Let’s explore the Bahama’s and find out more.



Long before the island’s of the Bahama’s became a popular tourist resort town, there was a history of great magnitude involving piracy, and slavery. The Lucayan people were shipped to slavery in Hispaniola. In 1718 The Bahama’s became a British Crown Colony where American Loyalists took their enslaved Africans setting up a plantation economy. In 1834 slavery was abolished in the Bahama’s and the majority of the population today are the descendants of the slaves and the free Africans. The Bahama’s have become one of the richest countries next to the United States and Canada.


With every historic location there are also great ghost stories and mysterious happenings attached to the area. The same is for the “Bahama’s”. Let’s explore. We will start with the famous “Great Isaac Lighthouse



The “Great Isaac Lighthouse” is named after Great Isaac Cay which is located on the north end of the Bihimi Pennisula. The lighthouse was built for an exhibition in 1852 in London. It is 152 feet high and the tower is made of white cast iron. It’s light can be seen up to 23 miles away. One young boy died during a ship wreck on a British supply liner. He was consumed by sharks when the wreck took place. The boy has been seen wandering around the premises. Another shipwreck in the late 19th century killed everyone except a one small infant, the mother of the infant is said to be seen searching for her baby. She is known as the “The Gray Lady” and is known to wail at full moons. In 1969 two lightkeepers disappeared and was never located , the lighthouse, keepers quarters and all else came into disrepair after that. The lighthouse was finally automated in the mid 1970’s and has remained unmanned ever since.



 There are three other lighthouses in the “Bahama’s“ which have reputedly haunted activity. They are “The Eleuthera Point Lighthouse” on the northeastern portion of the “Grand Bahama Bank”, “Dixon Hill Lighthouse”, on the highest point at San Salvador Island or also known as Watling Island, and “The Stirrup Cay”, at the northern end of the Berry Islands. At “The Eleuthera Point Lighthouse” an innkeeper who was also a sorcerer would see a woman that he called “The White Lady” whom he fell in love with and is said to have had conjugal relations with. At “The Dixon Lighthouse”, Thomas, an individual who owned the lighthouse at one time lost his foot in a boating accident, he died in the 1950’s and there is said to be a one-footed ghost wandering around the lighthouse, this has been reported by both servicemen and local college students. Finally, at the “Great Isaac Lighthouse”, there have been reports of a resident ghost making strange noises. The identity of this spirit remains a mystery


With all of the folklore of Pirates, shipwrecks, slavery and even sacrifices, there are many tales of paranormal activity in all of the Caribbean. The above you find just a taste of stories .Image







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