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Haunted Bahama

Bahama’s…fact or fiction                                  On July 10th, the Bahama’s  gained their independence after 250 years as a British Crown Colony.                                                                   The Bahama’s is a favorite location for vacationing for those who love the clear, aqua, … Continue reading

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Mindy’s history of paranormal happenings

Where the animals are…               by: Mindy Hardy                                        Sounds of crying animals, human screams and the smell of smoke permeates the air on the railroad tracks near Hammond Indiana. The strange thing is there is nothing there that is … Continue reading

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The Legacy of Anne Frank… life….in death!

The Legacy of Anne Frank….in life….in death!            June 12, 1929, this week eighty five years ago, Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt Germany to Otto and Edith Frank. Anne’s older sister Margot and Anne had a happy life in … Continue reading

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   History of where Paranormal Worlds meet: by Mindy Hardy   Fact or Faked? Spiritual accounts of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:                                                             Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle, creator and author of the fictional tales of  “Detective Sherlock Homes” was … Continue reading

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